Idea Cellular Bill Payment Methods

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As the third largest mobile communications company in India with over 140-million subscribers, Idea Cellular is also one of the top 20 mobile network operators in the world as far as number of subscribers is concerned. They come in at 16th and still beat out every mobile phone service provider in the United States.  The size of Idea Cellular is even more impressive when you take into consideration the fact that the company has only been around for just 20 years so far, and it is still growing remarkably fast annually.

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If you have a mobile phone contract with Idea and you are looking for assistance in how to post a payment to your account, the rest of this guide will tell you how to do precisely that.

Bill Pay Option 1: Online Payment through Sign In

If you have not ever made a payment on your Idea Cellular mobile phone account number thus date, you are going to have to register for some login credentials before payment is due. To do this, head over to and click the “My Account” link at the top of the web page. On the page that pops up, you will be able to set up your account by either clicking the “Register Now” link underneath the Login area or by following either the Facebook or Google+ buttons to sign in with one of your preexisting social media accounts. If it’s not your first time using this site, you will log in from this page by inputting your phone number from Idea Cellular as well as the password that you chose while creating your account with them unless you just sign in using either Facebook g+.

Once logged in to your account, go to the “Online Recharge” area where you will be instructed on how to submit your payment via the website.

Option 2: Online Express Bill Pay (no Sign In)

If you would prefer to not set up an online account for you to log in to on your account with Idea Cellular, you can make a payment online using the company’s postpaid bill payment: On that page, you will enter your phone number with Idea, the amount you would like to pay and your email address.

After clicking the submit button, you will be asked for your payment information. Upon entering the payment data, agree to the terms and submit the bill pay to complete the transaction.

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