Bowflex Credit Payment Methods

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Bowflex is a line of workout equipment that is owned by the company Nautilus. Synchrony Bank handles the financing for Bowflex purchases made with a line of credit. To make a payment on your Bowflex financing account, use one of the methods listed here.

Option #1: Online Payments for Your Bowflex Credit Account

To make a payment over the internet on your Bowflex line of credit, you will first have to sign up for online access through the Synchrony Financial website that has been set up specifically for the company’s customers. To sign up, you will need to go to any page on the Synchrony Financial website and click the “Register” button near the login boxes at the top of the screen. From there, fill out all of the forms as required on the registration pages to set up your log in credentials, including the user name, password and other various security options. After you have gone through and created your online log in account for your Bowflex line of credit, you can make a payment over the internet by following these instructions:

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  1. Go to the online payments for Bowflex portal (used to be:
  2. In the login area at the top of the screen, enter your user name and password
  3. If you are on a private computer and wish to save your user name, click the check box by “Remember me”
  4. Click the “Go” button

Bowflex Credit Payment Login

  1. Put your mouse pointer over the Payments tab and select “Make a Payment”
  2. Select your payment amount
  3. Input your billing details
  4. Submit and verify the transaction

Option #2: Pay Your Bowflex Credit Bill Over the Phone

For those of you who would like to make a payment toward the account balance on a Bowflex line of credit over the phone, that option is available to you. When calling the customer service line for the Bowflex line of credit, ensure that you have your credit account number available before hand, which will help ensure that the call does not take too much time and that it is your account that is properly credited with the payment itself. The phone number to dial is (866) 396-8254.

Option #3: Bowflex Credit Payments through the Mail

While you can actually make a payment by using a personal check, money order or a cashier’s check by sending it to Synchrony Financial for your Bowflex credit line account balance, you will have to reference the monthly bill that you receive to find the proper address that you will then need to send it to.

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