H&M Gift Card Information

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H&M is a very popular fashion store for men, women and kids that follows a business model often referred to as fast fashion, which just means that H&M has a quick turnaround for releasing new clothes. Like most clothing retailers, H&M customers can buy gift cards that can be used in any H&M location. If you have received an H&M gift card or are looking for where to buy one, continue reading below.

Check the Balance of an H&M Gift Card
For those of you who have a gift card from H&M and would like to check the balance on the card, the process is rather simple. While heading to hm.com/giftcard can eventually get you to the page that you want to be at by first choosing whatever country you live in and the, on the following page, clicking the link that just says “this page” in the first sentence in the “Gift Card & Merchandise Credit” area. Or, you can simply follow this link to the Check Your Balance page.

Check the Balance of H and M gift card

However you get to the page, checking the balance on the gift card only requires that you enter the card number printed on the H&M gift card itself as well as the PIN, then click the “Check Balance” button underneath the entry boxes. If you do not know your pin number, be forewarned that the “Find your PIN code” is a dead link. Nonetheless, you can easily find the PIN for your H&M store gift card by simply checking the back of the card itself – it’s printed right there.

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Where to Buy H&M Gift Cards

In our research for this piece, we discovered that there actually is not an option to buy a gift card through the H&M website itself, which we found to be somewhat odd.

h&m gift cardHowever, if you conduct a search for something along the lines of “Buy H&M gift card online,” you will be presented with a number of websites that will allow you to purchase one over the internet.

If you would prefer to purchase an H&M gift card in person, they can often be found in stores like Walmart, Target and K-mart as well as places like Walgreens and Rite-Aid. While they may be a little more difficult to find when compared to a gift card for a restaurant chain, there is one more option that is always guaranteed to have H&M gift cards available for purchase – any actual H&M location. For those who do not live near an H&M but would like to buy a gift card for a friend or relative who is a fan of the store, this means that they will most likely just have to find an online retailer that will sell one of the cards.

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