H2O Wireless Bill Payments & Info

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H2O Wireless offers customers prepaid phone service that connects via the communications standard of Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM).

H2O Wireless customers can connect to the internet, make calls and send texts as much as they want if they choose to load up their card for with the Unlimited Talk, Text and Web” option. The price for this service and the fact that it is a flat rate whenever you need to add minutes helps keep customers to continue using their phones.

H2O Wireless Prices

If you are curious about the basic plans available through H2O Wireless, you are possibly in for some great news seeing as the plans through H2O Wireless are often much less expensive than similar plans compared to contracted plans from larger communications companies.

The prices for service include different levels of service. For $30 monthly, customers will receive unlimited minutes to talk to whomever, unlimited text messages to send and receive, and 500 MB of datsa available to browse the internet if needed. $40 also gives unlimited phone calls and text messaging and you will have 1 GB of data to work with. At $50, the only difference is a 2 GB of data alongside all the unlimited talking and texting. Once you get to spending $60 for a month of service, you will get in return everything from the other tiers discussed above as well as no limit to how much data you use for downloads and internet browsing.

Make a H2O Wireless Bill Payment Online

Making an online payment toward your cell phone service through the H2O Wireless business is fairly easy as the company doesn’t require that you make an account or register for a login – you just add funds and they will be applied to the phone number that you got from H2O Wireless. To make your payment go to the web address https://h2o.billing.ms/.

H2O Wireless Home

On that page, you will enter your name, email address, phone number and a the phone number of the account that you would like to pay, then choose the amount that you would like to send in. Click the “NEXT PAGE” button after verifying that your information in the forms is correct. From there follow the onscreen instructions to complete your H2O Wireless payment. After submitting your bill pay transaction.

If you have any problems with reloading your H2O Wireless phone or you have questions about your account, you can reach their customer service office by filling out a form on their contact page: https://h2o.billing.ms/contactus.html

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