Goodyear Credit Card Payment Methods

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The Goodyear Credit Card is issued by Citibank and can be used at various Goodyear locations and through their website to purchase goods from the company. To make a payment on your account balance, follow the guide below for the method of your preference.

Option 1: Pay through the Mail

To make a payment through the mail on your Goodyear Credit Card, get a cashier’s check, personal check or money order ready with your card’s account number noted at the top of it the empty space and mail it to this address:

Goodyear Credit Card
Goodyear Credit Card adress payment
More through the Goodyear credit card FAQ page

Goodyear Credit Card PaymentOption 2: Online

Before an online payment may be made through the Goodyear Credit Card Account Online web page, you must first create your online profile. From that page, select the “Register Now” button which can be found near the bottom portion of the page. With the registration forms open, fill out all of the information as requested by the website to get your account created. Once you have entered all of the requisite details, you should then have login credentials (your user ID and password) ready to log in to the site for online payments as described here:

  1. Go to the URL
  2. Type in your user ID and password as you created them during online registration
  3. Only if you are on a private computer, click the check box by “Remember my ID” to save your user ID for future logins
  4. In the dropdown box under the login credentials boxes, choose “Make a Payment”
  5. Click the “Sign On” button
Goodyear Credit Card Login Guide

Goodyear Credit Card Login Guide

  1. Select a payment amount and the date that you would like the payment to be withdrawn from your payment source
  2. Type in the details for your payment source. In most cases, this will be your checking account information
  3. Submit your payment and confirm the transaction details

Bill Pay Option 3: Pay by Phone

To make a payment on your Goodyear Credit Card over the phone, you will have to call the customer service line which has been set up for cardholders. This can be accessed by dialing (800) 767-0291. When calling to submit a payment, you will have to listen to the audio prompts given by the automated system to select the option for paying the bill over the phone.

When making a bill payment by phone, it is always recommended that when the system gives you the finalized confirmation number that you write it down somewhere. That being the case, you should have a pen and paper readily available when calling the customer service line.

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