GM Card Payment Methods

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GM, the auto manufacturer that owns Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, Buick and more, also has a credit card available called the GM Card. Like other credit cards, points can be earned on the GM Card, and they can be applied toward the purchase of new vehicles or other GM auto related accessories. If you have a GM Card and need to make a payment on your account, you can do so by following the instructions written below.

Option 1: Online Payments for a GM Card

If you want to make a GM Card payment online, you need to go to the GM Card account registration page and fill out your account information and some personal details in all of the required fields on the form. Once you are done setting up your online access for GM Card management, you will be able to submit payments online and check the balance of your credit card at any time day or night.
GM Card account registration page

To make an online payment for your GM Card balance, follow this brief guide:

  1. Navigate to the pay bill portal
  2. Click the “Manage Personal Account” button
  3. Enter your user name and password
  4. Click “Log in”

GM Card Login

  1. Go to the pay bill section of the site
  2. Select a payment amount
  3. Input your billing details
  4. Submit your GM Card payment

Option 2: Pay a GM Card Bill through the Mail

To make a payment toward the account balance of a GM credit card through the mail, you are going to need to get a check, either personal or cashier’s, or a money order ready to go by making it out to GM Card and taking note of your GM Card account balance on whatever payment type you choose. After going through the process to get your check or money order prepared, mail it off to the following address:

Capital One
GM Card mail adress

When paying your bill through the mail, you should send out your payment five to seven business days before its due date to ensure that it is processed before your account incurs a late fee.

Option 3: GM Card Bill Pay by Phone

For payments over the phone on your GM Card account balance, you will have to call the GM Card Customer Service and Payments Line by dialing (888) 316-2390. When you call this number, you should make sure that you have your credit card available so you can pull information from it when you are asked to do so. It is also advised that you have the details for your chosen payment method readily available as well. More through this

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