A Look at Fulton Savings Bank

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Fulton Savings Bank is a standard financial institution and they offer most of the products that you would expect to see available as far as loans and account types from banks are concerned. They provide both personal and business banking as well, making the services on par with other national or more popular banks. The types of products that you can receive from Fulton Savings Bank include a handful of different kinds of checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, various types of loans and more.

How to Sign Up for a Fulton Savings Bank Account

If you would like to sign up for standard banking services like checking or savings accounts with Fulton Savings Bank, you will need to do so by going to one of the organization’s branded bank branches. To find one of these locations near you, you can go to the Fulton Savings Bank Find a Branch page and search using your address, city name or zip code then select the check box next to “Fulton Savings Bank Branches.” Once you know where to go, simply go there and go through the paperwork and deposit however much money you want into your account at that time.

Online Account Registration

If you are a Fulton Savings Bank member and need to register for online access to your checking, saving or lending account, you will need to navigate to the bank’s registration area, starting with the registration disclosure. After filling out the forms, you will have created your online profile with which you can sign in to and manage your banking from wherever you have an internet connection.

Log in to Your Fulton Savings Bank Account Online

With an online profile for Fulton Savings Bank already created, you can log in to your bank account management by going to the Fulton Savings Bank homepage. From there, enter your login ID into the box by “ONLINE BANKING” and select the “Login” button. Then, enter your security credentials and you will be logged in to your account.

Are Fulton Savings Bank Rates Good?

For the most part, Fulton Savings Bank has rather competitive deposit rates as well as loan rates. At the time of this writing, they offer interest bearing checking accounts at 0.05 percent APY, which are a favorite amongst savvy customers. Likewise, the interest rate on a 15-year fixed home loan at this time is 3.125 percent, which is about average with more popular national banks.

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