E-ZPass Maryland Sign Up and Payment Methods

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The E-ZPass system for Maryland allows people who use toll roads to pay a flat fee and use those roads as much as the driver needs to. The E-ZPass Maryland organization is most beneficial for those who need to use those toll roads many times throughout a month to the point where the flat fee would be cheaper than paying the individual price every time the toll road is used.

Depending on your driving needs through E-ZPass roads in Maryland, you will want to choose your plan with the company that corresponds to where you live and the places that you regularly drive to and from. Plans include a Standard Plan, various Discount Plans, Hatem Bridge Plans and a number of plans for those who need them for business purposes. To look through what is available in regards to your plan choices; go to the Plan Descriptions page.

For those who would like to sign up for the E-ZPass Maryland service, there are a few options available to do so, including online, by mail and by fax.

Sign Up and Payment Option 1: Sign Up for E-ZPass Maryland Online

To sign up for this service online, you will have to go to ezpassmd.com then click the “Sign up” link which can be found in the middle of the page in the “Sign Up Now” box. After clicking that link, you will be taken to a terms page that you will have to click “Agree” on to continue to the first page of forms that you must fill out to get your account set up and created through E-ZPass Maryland. When going through the forms and options for online sign up by following the instructions given by the E-ZPass website.

E ZPass Maryland Sign Up

Sign Up Option 2: E-ZPass Maryland Sign Up by Mail or Fax

To send in a physical copy of your sign up form to E-ZPass, you are first going to need the form filled out. For the form that you need, go to the E-ZPass Maryland Download Applications page and click the link that says “Application form” in the Private Accounts, Business Accounts or Hatem Bridge Accounts to be taken to the form that you need. After following the link, you will have to print out the form and fill out all of the fields that pertain to you and the E-ZPass plan that you would like to order. Once it’s filled out, you can mail or fax it in.

The fax number is (410) 633-6618.The mailing address is as follows:

Maryland Service Center

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