Rewards Program from Express

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The rewards program from the clothing retail chain shop Express offers the customers who return time and again a chance to earn gift certificates as well as what they describe as “front row extras” and additional rewards points.

How to Sign Up for Express Next?

These additional rewards points can also be used toward receiving one of the gift certificate rewards bonus that Express gives out at certain values of points accumulation. Those who are interested in joining the Express Next rewards program can do so by going to and then enter their email address into the text entry field in the right-hand box about half way down the page. You will know that you are in the right area because the box will have a title that says “New to Express Next? Join Now.”

After you have entered your email address into that “Email” field and clicked the light blue button below it, which itself is labeled “Get Started,” you will be taken to a page that prominently features a form that will help customers to create an account for Express Next. This form asks for information like the customer’s name, country that they live in, their zip code, what gender he or she is, and the login credentials, which consists of the email address that was submitted in the “Email” field on the previous screen and the password as chosen by the customer as well.

Express Next Rewards Account Create

With the form filled out and submitted, new members of the Express Next program will be allowed to log in to the site and manage their rewards. They will also receive an Express Next card that will be presented at the cashier while shopping at Express stores which in turn will yield rewards points for the purchase or purchases made.

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How Much Does it Cost to Become an Express Next Rewards Member

Nothing at all. Express Next is free to join.

Earning Points and Rewards

For every dollar spent at Express with your Express Next card being scanned to apply the purchase to your account will earn you ten points for your bonus. There are some special events that take place, which will help customers earn points faster like double points days and the like, but those only rarely occur. Prizes available come in the form of gift certificates that are useable at Express retail stores or online. Express Next members will need to earn 2,500 points (or spend around 0) to earn one of these certificates.

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