Information About the EPPICard

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The EPPICard is a debit card that various states and counties around the United States use to distribute funds that correspond to various social and court-ordered payments. These include the likes of child support and unemployment benefits among others.

How to Create Your Login Details for the EPPICard Account

If you are a cardholder of an EPPICard and you would like to check how much money you have available left on the balance of your card, you can log in to the credit card’s website to do that. To log in to your account online, you will first need to set up your online profile to gain access.

To create your profile for the site, head over to the EPPICard website and use the dropdown box to select the state and type of account you have for the card. index.html drop down

Once your state and type of card login page loads up, click the link under the login area that says “New User?” After clicking that link, you will be taken to the Create New User page and fill out the form to set up your login credentials. The information that you will be requested to enter will be the EPPICard card number, the CVV (security code) from the back of the card, your entire Social Security number, your birthday, your email address, a user ID and a password. After filling in all of that information, click the “Submit” button and you will be able to log in as described in the next section of this guide.

Log in to Check the Balance of Your EPPICard

Once you have created your login credentials as discussed above, you will be able to check your account balance at any time by following these instructions to sign in.

  1. Navigate to the EPPICard home page at
  2. Click the dropdown box that says “Select Your State” in it
  3. In the dropdown menu of states that appears, select where you live from it. If your two-letter state code has more than one option, make sure that you select the one that corresponds to whatever service you use the EPPICard for
  4. If the card that appears is the one that you use, click the green “Continue” button
  5. Enter your user ID
  6. Click the Login button

EPPICard Login

Once logged in to the EPPICard website, you will automatically be shown your account balance. No further input is required from you.

Some Helpful Links

Phone: 1-866-320-8822
Fax: 614-985-4453
credit card
PO Box 245997
San Antonio, TX 78224

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