Energy Usage & Payment Calculator

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Electricity bill calculator

Electricity bill cost calculator. Electricity usage consumption calculator.

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What does this calculator do?

To be a little bit blunt, I have created this calculator to help you determine how much money you’re spending by using certain appliances in your home. The goal of creating it is so you can make better choices about how you use electricity around your home and, hopefully, save cash on your energy payment every month.

What do the fields mean in the Energy Usage & Payment Calculator?

Alright, I’ll go through this step by step and let you know what you need to do for each part of the calculator:


Are You a US Citizen?: Well, are ya?

Type of Appliance: Use the dropdown box to select the type of appliance you’re checking the energy costs for.

Add Custom Appliance: If you don’t see your appliance type listed in the dropdown, use this checkbox to add your own appliance. This is particularly useful if you’re using screenshots to keep track of all of your appliance costs.

Power Consumption: Though the field fills in automatically when you select the type of appliance you have, you can change this figure if you know the correct energy consumption for your specific equipment.

Hours of Use Per Day: How often do you let the selected appliance run every day on average?

1 Kilowatt-hour (kWh) Cost: Most people pay around $0.12 per hour for the cost of 1 kWh, but you should check your electricity bill to find the exact cost of a kilowatt-hour for your energy bill and input that amount into this field.

Calculate: Does the calculations for you.

Reset: Makes the calculator go blank (except your kWh cost).


Electricity Cost Per Day: How much you’re paying every day to run the appliance.

Electricity Cost Per Month: Like the Day one, but for a whole month.

Electricity Cost Per Year: Seriously, if you’re not sure what this one is at this point, leave a message in the comments area below because I think we need to have a serious discussion about the choices you’ve made in your life thus far.

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