Scam Warning for Kissimmee Utility Authority Bill Collection

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There are reports that one or more scam artists are working to get Kissimmee Utility Authority (KUA) customers to cough up cash. As reported by Fox 35 Orlando, KUA customers may receive a call that threatens to shut off their service if the person does not immediately make a payment through MoneyGram at a local location.

While many utility customers have ended up calling KUA to find that it was all a scheme, a number of individuals have gone through with the payments since they were unaware of what to look for when it comes to bill payment scams in general.

The first thing that people should be wary of is when they are told their service, whether utility, phone, TV or other, will be turned off immediately if payment isn’t made. What makes this more believable for those receiving the phone calls is that the scammers will use a spoofing program. This kind of software makes it possible for call recipients to be shown that the person making the call is from the KUA (or some other legitimate organization), making it difficult to separate real from fake.

As far as KUA is concerned, though, they will not shut off your service like that. Instead, if someone is behind due on a payment, they will send out a past-due notice as well as make an automated call to the customer, which will remind them of the official channels to making a payment.

Pay your KUA Bill

For those of you wondering, you can make a payment to KUA over the phone at (877) 582-7700, through the mail at the address posted on their , or online by signing in to

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