Duke Energy Payment Methods

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Duke Energy provides electricity services to millions of customers around numerous states. When making a payment on your account, make sure that you are sending your payment to the correct location for wherever you live.

Online Payments through Duke-Energy Portal

To make a payment online for your Duke Energy bill, you will have to head to the duke-energy.com paymybill portal and select the “Residential” link in the “Paperless Billing/Online Payment” row for the state that you live in. If the links are not working for you, you can also just head to duke-energy.com. From there, click the “Need to Register?” link underneath the sign-in boxes on the right side of the page and fill out the forms to create your account. After you have created your login, to make a payment follow these instructions:

  1. In the top left of the page, next to the Duke Energy logo, select the state that you live in
  2. Enter your user name and password
  3. Click “Sign In”

Duke Energy Login and Account Creation

  1. Go to Billing & Payment
  2. Choose to make an online payment
  3. Select a payment amount
  4. Enter your billing details
  5. Complete the transaction

Pay through the Mail

When sending a payment through the mail to pay your Duke Energy account balance, you will have to pay with a personal check, cashier’s check or a money order and write the account number on the check or money order. It is strongly advised that you do not send cash when making a payment through the mail and that you send the check or money order out at least five days prior to the day the bill is due to make sure that your account is credited before it accrues a late fee. Once you have the payment ready to send, mail it to one of the following addresses depending on which state you live in:

Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana

Duke Energy

More information

North Carolina and South Carolina

Duke Energy

More information

Pay in Person

Since the service area for Duke Energy covers five different states, finding a location to make your payment at will mean visiting the Duke Energy locator that corresponds to wherever you live. Choose from one of the following web pages to find one near you:

Automatic Payments

Note: This payment method is reportedly not available in the states of South Caroline and North Carolina.

Automatic payments for your Duke Energy account, which are referred to as Payment Advantage by the company, can be set up to avoid having to log in or manually make payments on your account each month. To enroll in this service (for those who live in Indiana, Kentucky or Ohio), go to the Duke Energy Payment Advantage page and follow the on-screen prompts there.

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