Digital or Paper – What’s the Best Way to Pay Your Bills?

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While we often attempt to bridge the gap between those who prefer automatic to those who like to manually track their bills, we’re taking a bit of a different approach for this article as this will be an entirely subjective take rather than our normal objective coverage of bill payment in general. Anyway, on to (this writer’s) opinion!

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I will say, first and foremost, that if you’re just more comfortable paying your bills through the mail by writing out checks, money orders or whatever, then by all means you do that. However, it is my belief that you are wasting a substantial amount of time and energy every month doing things that way, not to mention all the money you will be wasting over the years in regards to stamps and envelopes for those times you accidentally toss out the return envelope that came with your invoice. Even with that said, though, I can’t recommend using digital forms of bill payment enough.


Taking that even a step further, if you have a steady income and don’t find yourself ever juggling bills whatsoever, you should seriously consider going with automatic bill payment for every single one of your bills that allow it. With the way that everything has already moved to a very internet-centric way of operating, you really shouldn’t have any bills in your monthly lineup of invoices that actually will not allow you to set up some kind of automatic payment system. This goes for everything from utility payments like your gas and electric bills and cable television to consumer credit cards and personal loans. Everything has an automatic payment option these days.

At this point, you are probably wondering why I would be such a proponent of allowing technology to handle all of my bills for me. And my answer to that comes in the form of how much I actually value my time. Now, you shouldn’t confuse that notion with the idea that I am saving time (which is nice enough on its own), but the way I look at it actually boils down to me saving money.

The way that using automatic bill payment will save you money is because the time spent writing checks and mailing out payments could be used to earn additional income. Be it freelance work, overtime or some other form of earning more money, the simple truth of the matter is that paying your bills by hand is actually costing you money in the long run. That is, of course, if you value your time whatsoever.

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