How to Move from CVS’ ExtraCare Card to ExtraCare Health Card

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If you occasionally shop at a CVS Pharmacy retail store and have one of the ExtraCare Cards that they used to offer to their customers, you are going to have to transfer your current information and account to one of the new ExtraCare Health Cards that the chain has recently switched over to. This can be done by going to the web address of If you are wondering what to expect when going to this site to conduct your transfer, look no further as we will be covering many of the details that go along with the form required to kick off the moving of your data.

Important Note
Because of the way that the CVS Pharmacy website works, you will only be able to conduct your information transfer during the times of 6 am and 8:30 pm Eastern Time. This is likely due to some type of manual intervention that likely has to take place behind the scenes to conduct the data transfer, and this note will be reshown when you get to the ExtraCare Health Card information transfer page linked to above.

Entering Your ExtraCare Card Details

The first thing that you are going to have to do when getting to the page is that you will need to enter your original ExtraCare Card and your new ExtraCare Health Card details, which really only consists of the two account numbers that you can find quite easily printed on the back of each of the cards that you have already received from a CVS Pharmacy. After entering the numbers associated with each off these accounts, there is a small checkbox with a paragraph of text that explains the checkbox, which more or less explains that you agree to have your old ExtraCare Card information passed over to the new ExtraCare Health Card.

Confirming Your Personal Information

After entering your account numbers and agreeing to the information transfer itself, you can scroll down a little and enter your personal details. While this is not necessarily not a requirement of any sort, entering this information will allow you to receive more membership benefits from shopping at CVS Pharmacy, like coupons and offers sent straight to your home. The information requested includes things like your name, address, phone number, birthday, gender and email address.

CVS pharmacy ExtraCare Health Card Transfer

After that, enter the captcha information and submit the transfer request.

To find a CVS Pharmacy near you to sign up for one of their ExtraCare Health Cards, please use the CVS Store Locator

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