How To Access & Pay Cricket Bill

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Do you use a cellular phone on a daily basis? If so, what’s your preference on style or variety of phone? Do you keep it simple with a flip phone or a slide phone? Or are you staying on the cutting edge of technology with a high-tech, high-end smartphone? Cell phones have grown, and shrunk, and grown again since their inception in the 1990s. When first created, they used to almost be the size of old-school phone receivers. Since then, they have evolved into what we know them as today. These days, they function as both phones and as miniature computers with screens large enough to watch movies and music videos on. Some of them can even function as mobile wifi hotspots. To use their cell phones, much like accessing the Internet, people have to sign up through one of several service providers, who offer a number of different interesting perks depending on pricing plans. Some of these perks may include unlimited data use or sending of text messages, or even unlimited minutes. There are other companies who offer cheaper cell phones with a pay-as-you-go plan for minutes, or prepaid cards for a set amount of minutes. In this article we are going to discuss a company named Cricket. We will show you first how to sign up for a pre-paid plan on Cricket’s website. Following that, we will be teaching you how to pay your bill. It will be a simple two-step process.

Step 1: Sign In

Part one of this guide is all about showing you how to sign in to your Cricket account, granted you are already using the service. Your Cricket account will grant you the refreshing convenience of managing your monthly bill, oversee usage details of your phone and plan, and check and overview of your plan’s features and costs. To get started on this part of the guide, open your favorite Internet web browser and navigate it to Cricket’s official website locted at When you reach the home page, you will be presented with a number of links. At the top left, you will find a “Register or Sign In” link. Go ahead and click this link to continue to the next section.Register or sign in

On the next page, you’ll be presented with a single text box. To sign in, you simply need to enter the phone number associated with your Cricket account. Following that, click the blue “Sign In” button located under the text box. If the information was correctly entered, you will have successfully signed in.sign in

In the next step you’ll learn where to go to pay your bill online.

Step 2: Paying Your Bill

When your bill has come and it’s time to pay before you lose your service, you will want to know how and where to pay it easily. It’s very simple to pay your bill online. Return to the Cricket home page. At the top of the page, look for a link that says “Quick Pay” and click it.

quick pay

On this next page, you will fill out several information text boxes.

quick pay 2

not a robot

Follow any further instructions properly and your bill will be successfully paid.

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Can you pay your Cricket bill online?

Bill Pay Methods. For your convenience, we offer several payment locations and payment methods to pay your Cricket bill. Keep reading to learn more about the different payment options we offer and steps on how to pay online.

How do I pay someone else's Cricket phone bill?

How to Pay with a Service Payment CardEnter the phone number for the account you want to pay.Select the blue arrow to the right of Service Payment Card.Enter your card information and the amount you want to pay.Accept the Terms and Conditions.Select Review Payment.Review your secure payment information.More › support › billing-and-payments › quick-payQuick Pay Options | Billing & Payments | Cricket › support › billing-and-payments › quick-pay

Where can I pay my cricket phone bill?

You can redeem the Refill Card when you make a payment via:Quick Pay.The myCricket app.1-800-CRICKET (274-2538) or *PAY (*729) from your Cricket phone. Automated Phone System. Customer › support › cricket-refill-cardsCricket Refill Cards | Billing & Payments | Cricket - Cricket › support › cricket-refill-cards

Does Cricket offer payment extensions?

Yes you can get an extension paying your bill using their BridgePay option. Bridge pay lets you split your bill into two and gives you 7 extra days to pay the second portion of your bill. ... We've helped 3,469 people arrange a better payment schedule with Cricket Wireless in the last 90 days.

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