Credit Card Breach through Hershey Entertainment Gets Details

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Although it seems like they took their sweet time getting around to it, Hershey Entertainment has finally released the details about the credit card breach that had been previously left without much information to go on. If you were worried that you were one of the people whose data may have been compromised, there is one particular detail that you should be aware of for those being at risk for having credit card information stolen, and that is the window of time that Hershey Entertainment is saying when guests data was taken.

This window goes from February 14 to June 2 of this year (2015) and could have a longstanding effect even on people who have yet to see fraudulent charges come across on any of their bills.

It is interesting to note that during Hershey’s own investigations into the matter, they found no actual evidence that there was any kind of theft that occurred on their system itself, and the only reason that there is anything pointing to the fact that there has been a data leak regarding credit card users’ information is the fact that fraudulent charges are being reported on their cards. The single tying piece of evidence that makes anyone realize that the breach must have been from a Hershey’s Entertainment system is due to the fact that there are so many people who used the company’s facilities during that specific window of time who are complaining of credit card fraud.

Were you in any way affected by this recent data intrusion? If so, how have you dealt with it so far and we would love to know whether or not Hershey’s is reaching out to those who are experiencing credit card problems and if they are offering any recompense for the troubles caused.

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