CorrLinks Inmate Communication System

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The CorrLinks website created in conjunction with the Advanced Technologies Group and various corrections facilities allows people who have loved ones in prison the chance to maintain communication with them. The system is designed as an email program to let friends and family keep in touch in a way that had not really been possible before CorrLinks was made available other than the occasional phone call that inmates were allowed. What this means is that friends and family of those who are in prison can actually send immediate correspondence (rather than sending something via traditional mail).

If you have found yourself in a situation where you need to use CorrLinks to have email correspondence with someone who is in prison, the following guide will help walk you through the process of setting up your account through the web site and how to log in to CorrLinks. We will also discuss blocking inmate contact through CorrLinks as well for those who wish to do so.

Create a CorrLinks Login Account

To set up a new account through the CorrLinks system, you will have to go to the website’s Sign Up page: and fill out the form asking you to enter your first name, last name, email address and a chosen password. Additionally, if you have received an invitation to use CorrLinks from an inmate, the email that you received to set your account up should also have an identification code in it. If you have one of these codes, insert it into the appropriately labeled box before continuing your account creation.

After you submit the sign up form, you will be sent an email to verify your account. After you verify your email account and login information with the site, you can move on to the next section to sign in.

Sign In to CorrLinks

With your login credentials created for CorrLinks, which are your email address and the password that you chose during account sign up, you can head to: to sign in. On the left side of this page is a LOGIN area that asks for the email address and password. Enter them and click the “Login >>” button to sign in to your account.

Once you are signed in to your CorrLinks account, you will be able to begin using it like most web based email programs to send and receive messages with an inmate.

Blocking Requests from CorrLinks

If the person attempting to contact you via CorrLinks is undesirable to you, go to the CorrLinks Block Contacts page: and fill out the form as required. The system will honor your request.


How long does it take to receive CorrLinks messages?

Sometimes it takes as little as 20-30 minutes for an email to be delivered/received, but other times it takes 24-36 hours.

Can an inmate block you on CorrLinks?

To block someone, they have to go into their list of contact and click block.

How do you unblock inmates on CorrLinks?

To unblock an inmate, you must send a written request to the institution to notify them that you would like the block removed. You will need to retrieve the prison's mailing address by visiting Once the block is removed, the inmate will need to add your email again to generate a new invitation to you.

How do I add an inmate to CorrLinks?

Do you want to set up a Corrlinks account and use it to communicate to your loved one in prison this is the procedure.Step 1: Receive an invitation from inmate. ... Step 2: Inmate request. ... Step 3: Registration. ... Step 4: Email address and password page/sign up. ... Step 5: Enable email alerts. ... Step 6: Verification email.More items...•Feb 2, › 2015/02/02 › corrlinks-accept-inmateCorrlinks Accept Inmate – Corrlinks Login for › 2015/02/02 › corrlinks-accept-inmate

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