Designer Shoe Warehouse DSW Rewards Visa Payment Methods

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Designer Shoe Warehouse, better known as DSW, is a shoe retail chain that offers good quality footwear at lower prices than many of their competitors. This being the case, it has become quite popular in many areas and this has led to the creation of the DSW Rewards Visa store credit card. If you have one, you can make a payment on your account by following the directions below.

Option 1: Pay DSW Visa Bill Online

For those of you who wish to make an online payment for your DSW Rewards Visa account balance, you are first going to need to set up your login information, which can be done by filling out the forms at the credit card’s registration page, operated by Comenity Bank. After you have your login information set up, you can make your payment by heading to and sign in using your user name and password as created during online registration.

From there, go to the payments area and follow the website’s on-screen instructions to complete the bill pay transaction.

Option 2: DSW Store Credit Card Payments through the Mail

To make a payment on your store credit card with Designer Shoe Warehouse through the mail, you are going to need to get ready a check – either cashier’s or personal – or a money order and make it out to Comenity Bank as well as write your DSW Rewards Visa account number somewhere on the payment to show which account the check or money order should be applied to. Once you are ready to send this out, mail it off to this address:

Comenity Bank
PO Box 182273
Columbus, OH 43218-2273

Comenity contact us page.

Bill Pay Option 3: Phone Payments for DSW Credit Card

If you are the kind of person who would like to make a payment on your Designer Shoe Warehouse Rewards Visa credit card over the phone, that is also an option that is available to you. To do so,  you are going  to have to call the customer care phone number that has been set up  by Comenity Bank specifically for  this store credit card, which you  can reach by calling the toll-free number at (855) 695-1788. If you choose to make your payment using this payment method, you should be sure to already have your transaction information ready to give to expedite the process. Likewise, have your store credit card available when calling to identify who you are.

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