Meijer Credit Card Information and Payments

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The Meijer chain of retail stores is one of the largest in the American Midwest. Specifically, the region that they have stores in includes locations in six different states with hundreds of stores, gas stations and other types of shops. The majority of Meijer properties are large stores that carry both retail and grocery products as well as almost as many gas stations.

The Meijer company offers two different credit cards, one that can only be used at Meijer locations and another that can be used a MasterCard credit card is accepted. These two cards are called Meijer Credit Card and Meijer MasterCard, respectively.
If you would like to apply for either of these cards, you can do so by visiting and selecting the one you would like to use.

Differences Between Meijer Credit Card and Meijer MasterCard

The primary difference between the two primary credit cards offered by Meijer is that one, the Meijer Credit Card, can only be used at Meijer retail stores, gas stations and other shops while the other, the Meijer MasterCard, can be used almost anywhere that credit cards can be used. The only other difference is that Meijer MasterCard users will be able to earn 5% and 15% coupons every time the card earns 1,500 rewards points.
While the difference between where the cards can be used is a pretty major feature, the two cards share many benefits. These include earning coupons, paying less for gasoline, exclusive sales, fraud protection and no annual fee to keep the card.

How to Make an Online Payment for a Meijer Credit Card

Whether you use a Meijer Credit Card or a Meijer MasterCard, the payment process itself is the same between the two cards, you will just have to log in at the corresponding card’s sign in area:

If you have yet to sign up for your log in credentials, on either page scroll to the bottom and click the “Sign up” button. Follow the prompts to create your account, after which you can sign in.

At the sign in page and enter your user name and password into the fields marked as such, then click the “Sign in” button. Once you are signed in, you will see the amount you currently owe and an option to make a payment. Follow the instructions given to complete the payment process.

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