Club Nintendo Discontinued to Develop New Loyalty Program

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Originally started in the United States in December of 2008, the loyalty program Club Nintendo didn’t have much of a lifespan as it has already been discontinued here as of February 31, 2020. That day was the last day that Club Nintendo members had to use download codes received through the club in the Nintendo eShop. This marked the last day and the last action that people could have taken as a member of the seven-year old club.

Why was Club Nintendo ended?

Club Nintendo has been discontinued Club Nintendo

According to, the loyalty program of Club Nintendo is going to be replaced by an all-new customer loyalty program. However, at this time there seems to be zero details about the upcoming customer loyalty system, how people will earn points (or whatever the program’s “currency” will be), or what the rewards selection will be.

Will Club Nintendo coins carry over to the new program?

One of the few things that Nintendo has been very clear on, all Club Nintendo coins expired on February 1, 2020. There’s no grace period, reimbursement or payback for any of your unused coins. Obviously, this also means that you can’t save coins that you earned on your account for the upcoming Nintendo loyalty rewards. Similarly, if you had unredeemed download codes to use in the Nintendo eShop, they too have expired. Furthermore, you aren’t allowed to trade them in for anything.

In fact, the Club Nintendo discontinuation is so complete that subscribers won’t even be able to log in to their accounts much less order loyalty rewards or check the history of transactions for your account.
Even though Nintendo announced that they would be ending Club Nintendo back in June, many subscribers still feel as though the discontinuation was far too abrupt and hastily executed. To view the old program’s discontinuation screen, head over to If you have any further questions about the discontinued Club Nintendo, you should visit the Nintendo support page dedicated to the club’s shutdown.

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