Cleco Payment Methods

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Cleco is an energy company that serves much of the state of Louisiana. They supply electricity to over 250,000 people throughout regions in the state, and have been in business since the mid-1930s.

Option 1: In-person Payments

To make an in-person payment on your Cleco account, you can visit any of their available payment locations. These can be found by using the Cleco’s Payment Locations map search.

Cleco Payment Option 2: Mail

To make a payment through the mail, write your account number from Cleco on the check that you are mailing and send it to the following address:

Cleco Power LLC
CLECO mail adress for payments

Bill Pay Option 3: Bill Pay through Your Bank

Like many other utility companies, Cleco allows its customers to make payments on their energy bills through bill pay systems that are set up and free through most banks. Alternately, automatic withdrawals can be made from your bank account to Cleco by signing up for the service which can be done by calling (800) 622-6537. More information through this link

Cleco Bill Option 4: One-Time Payment via “Kubra”

A one-time payment may be made through the Kubra system, which only requires that you have your account number and zip code to get to the payments section of the site. While convenient and easy to use, this will accrue a $2.95 processing fee when making payments through it.

Option 5: MyCheckFree Cleco Payment

If you have an account with MyCheckFree, you can pay your Cleco energy bill through that service as well. You can access the Cleco-specific page for MyCheckFree by clicking here. And, if this is your first time setting up a payment through MyCheckFree, you may create your online access account by going to the Terms and Conditions registration page.

Option 6: Cleco Online Payments through

An account through the Cleco website must be created before you can make an online payment, which can be set up by going to the Cleco registration page. On the registration page, you will be asked to input personal and account information as well as create your login credentials and security settings for your account. With the account fully created, you can make an online payment for your Cleco bill as follows:

  1. Go to the website for Cleco pay bill
  2. Enter your user name and password
  3. Click “SIGN IN”
    Cleco Bill Pay Login

    Cleco Bill Pay Login Page

  1. Go to Online Payments
  2. Choose how much you wish to pay
  3. Enter your payment information if you have yet to do so for the account
  4. Submit your payment and verify the transaction

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