Activate a Chase Credit Card

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Chase offers a number of credit cards that range in interest rate and credit limit. If you have recently received a credit card from the financial institution, you can activate it through a number of methods as discussed below.

Enroll in Online Banking With Chase

For those who have yet to do so, it is recommended that you create an online account through the Chase website as there are many time-saving benefits to those who complete some of their banking transactions over the internet. You can either go to the previous link and click the “New to Chase Online?” link under the “Log In or Enroll” tab, or simply go straight to the enrollment forms by clicking here.

Activate a Chase Credit Card Online

If you have gone through the enrollment process, you can activate your Chase credit card online by following the directions here:

  1. Navigate to the web page
  2. Type in your user ID and password
  3. If you would like the website to save your user ID for future log ins, click the check box by “Remember Me”
  4. Click the button labeled as “Log In to Accounts”

Chase Credit Card Activation Online Login

  1. The site will now ask you to input various pieces of information, which you can find on your card. For most of the credit cards from Chase, the requested information will simply be the security code printed on the back of your new card
  2. Finalize your credit card activation

Activate Your Chase Credit Card Over the Phone

When you receive a Chase credit card through the mail, there will be a sticker attached to it as well. On the sticker, there will be brief instructions that you can call a phone number, also printed on the sticker, to activate your new credit card. When calling this number, you will be asked to enter your Chase credit card number and the security code printed on the back of it. Upon activating your card using this method, you may also take a moment to change the PIN that the card already has if you would prefer it to be something of your choosing.

Activate a Chase Credit Card at an ATM

You also have the option of activating your Chase credit card by either using it for the first time at an automatic teller machine or by making a purchase using the PIN that should have also arrived by mail in a separate envelope.  After using the credit card in this way, standard credit purchases may be made with it from then on.

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