CareCredit Payment Methods

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CareCredit is a credit card option available from Synchrony that allows customers to pay for medical expenses which are not covered by standard medical insurance. The card is rather flexible and will allow for cosmetic surgeries, veterinary care and dentistry, as well as various normal medical procedures like optometrist visits, hearing aids, medical equipment and other necessary trips to medical providers.

CareCredit Payment Payment Option 1: Pay by Phone

Making a payment over the phone will require that you have your CareCredit card or the CareCredit account number available to ensure that your bill pay gets credited properly. The pay by phone system can be reached by dialing (866) 893-7864. When calling, pay proper attention to the audio prompts to pay your account balance. More information through this link

Option 2: Pay Online

For online payments on a CareCredit credit card, login credentials will first have to be created to access your account through the internet. The forms for account set up can be accessed through the Synchrony Financial CareCredit login page, where you will have to click the “Register” button. The registration forms ask that you provide information regarding your CareCredit credit card account as well as personally identifying details. After setting the account up an online payment may be made on an account balance by following this:

  1. Navigate to the URL
  2. Click the “Login” link at the top right of the screen and select “Cardholders”
  3. Enter your user name and password
  4. If you are on a private computer, click the “Remember me” checkbox to save your user name to the site
  5. Click the “Go” button
CareCredit Credit Card Login

CareCredit Credit Card Snap

  1. Click “Payments” and then select “Make a Payment”
  2. Select a payment amount
  3. Choose a payment source or enter your billing details
  4. Submit your payment to your CareCredit account

Option 3: Send your CareCredit Payment through the Mail

To make a payment on your CareCredit line of credit from Synchrony Bank through the mail, a check (personal or cashier’s) or a money order will have to be made out to CareCredit and have the account holder’s account number written on the payment itself if you no longer have the invoice that should have been mailed to you. With the payment ready, it should be sent to the following address a few days before the actual due date to ensure the bill is paid on time:

Synchrony Financial
Synchrony Financial adress payment

More through the CareCredit contact us page

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