Boost Mobile Payment Methods

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Boost Mobile is a prepaid mobile phone provider that offers cheap solutions to those looking to have a phone line but don’t have to pass a credit check to do so. If you have a Boost Mobile phone, there are a handful of ways to add funds to your account as discussed below.

Option 1: Boost Mobile Payments Online

To make an online payment toward your Boost Mobile account, you will not have to go through an online registration form like most places as Boost Mobile set up a profile for you the moment you first got your phone working with them. To complete your payment online, follow this guide:

  1. Navigate to the payment portal
  2. Click the first “Pay Now” button under the “One-time payment” header
  3. Enter your Boost Mobile phone number and your account’s four-digit PIN
  4. Click the “submit” button

Boost Mobile Login

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  1. Go to the Re-Boost area
  2. Choose to reload your account with funds
  3. Select an amount to pay
  4. Input your billing information
  5. Submit the transaction

Option 2: Automatic Boost Mobile Payments

You can set up automatic payments to be sent to your Boost Mobile account, which will be deducted from your source account and add minutes to your phone on a regular schedule. To set this up, go to the My Account area as described in the previous payment method and select Auto Re-Boost. Then, fill out the details as required to complete your enrollment in recurring payments.

Option 3: Pay Boost Mobile over the Phone

From your Boost Mobile phone, you can reach the company’s pay by phone system by dialing the code #ADD, which for reference is #233. You should also know that you will include the pound (#) when dialing it. Follow the audio prompts to complete your transaction and add more funds to your Boost Mobile cellular phone account.

Option 4: Use a Re-Boost Card via Text

If you have recently received a Boost Mobile Re-Boost card and would like to use it to recharge your funds on your Boost Mobile phone line, you can do so by sending a special code through text message to the number 7225. You will text the word “ADD” followed by the PIN on the Re-Boost card. It will look like this when you send the text: ADD 12345678912345

Option 5: Pay via Text Using a Credit or Debit Card

If you have a credit card registered to your Boost Mobile account, you can make a payment via text to the number 7225 from your Boost Mobile phone. In the text that you send, write PAY XX 1234. Where the “XX” is, you will put the dollar amount that you want to pay without cents or dollar signs. Also, replace the “1234” with the last four digits of your registered credit or debit card.

Option 6: Make a Payment in Person

And lastly, those who have a phone and coverage from Boost Mobile can recharge their phone plans by visiting any “Re-Boost” location that’s part of the company’s network. To find one of these locations, you will have to navigate over to the Boost Mobile Store Locator.

BoostMobile locations

When conducting your search, enter you zip code in the text box and click the checkbox by “Re-Boost.” You can make a payment at any of the locations that pop up for you.

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