BMW Car Payments and Account Management

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BMW has been around making cars for quite some time and they are one of the most respected auto manufacturers in the world. They are most well known for making luxury vehicles that offer a sporty kick to them. Much to the delight of many, although BMW produces incredibly well-made vehicles, the prices for some of the lines can actually be fairly affordable – though they are certainly not cheap in any sense of the word.

BMW also has their own personal financial institution that they can use to offer on-the-spot leases and loans to those looking to buy one of their vehicles. Called BMW Financial Services, this subsect of the BMW company is actually operated by the J.P. Morgan Chase company and not BMW itself, which should offer peace of mind considering Chase has much more experience in dealing with financial matters.

And, just because we know that you are curious about it, the acronym BMW stand for Bayerische Motoren Werke. Coincidentally enough, that phrase translates perfectly for the acronym as in English it becomes Bavarian Motor Works.

BMW Car Payment Methods

If you are financing your vehicle through BMW, there are a handful of ways available to you to make a payment on your account.

For online payments, you will have to register for access first, which you can do by going to the BMW site’s Create an Account area and fill out the forms as required. After setting up your login ID and password as well as linked your BMW Financial Services account to your online profile, you can head over to and sign in by entering the login credentials and clicking the “Sign In” button.

My BMW Sign In

Once signed in, you can make a payment on your account by using the BMW UltimatePay or you can set up automatic monthly payments by using their EasyPay system. In both cases, the onscreen instructions will help make sure you get the payments set up easily.

If you would like to discuss your BMW lease or loan over the phone, you can give the BMW Customer Care center a call by dialing their toll-free number (800) 578-5000. When calling to handle your financial services account over the phone, you are going to have to make sure to call during their business hours which go from 9 am to 9 pm ET, Monday through Friday.

To send a payment to BMW through the mail, you can either send the check or money order and there are two ways to get them sent out. With the preaddressed envelope that should have come in the mail about ten days before the payment is due, you will have to cut off the bottom part of the invoice and put it in the envelope with your payment. If you didn’t receive or somehow lost the Account Statement, you can mail your BMW car bill payment using one of the following addresses based on certain conditions.

If you live in AK, AZ, CA, CO,HI, ID, KS, MT NE, NV, NM, ND, OK, OR, SD, TX, UT,WA or WY and have a lease from BMW’s financing department, your payment needs to be mailed to this address:

BMW Financial Services

Those who live anywhere else in the country and have a BMW lease will send their car payments to:

BMW Financial Services

Those who actually want to own their BMW car after your payments are done being made over the life of the BMW loan will have to send their car loan payments to the following:

BMW Bank of North America

Should you find yourself in a situation where you have to rush and send the payment through an expedited or send the payment overnight, you are going to have to mail off the check or the money order to this address:

BMW Financial Services
C/O Chase

And if you are mailing in your last bill payment for your car, you can send the final payoff check or money order here:

PO Box .83290
Chicago, IL 60691-0290

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Make very certain that you are sending your payment to the correct address, otherwise your check or money order might not be processed and your loan or lease may end up incurring late fees or some other kind of penalty. Additionally, you should always attempt to put the payment in the outgoing mailbox (or any other mail-sent payment for any other bill) about five business days before the payment is actually due. Although BMW will not normally charge any kind of late fee as long as the envelope is postmarked before the invoice’s due date, it is still better to send it a few days earlier and avoid any possible issue that could occur otherwise.

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