How To Access And Pay Bluebird Bill Online

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Are you becoming interested in opening a bank account to keep track of the money you have on hand? There can be both ups and downs to consider when it comes to exclusively using cash, but today, most people simply prefer to use debit and credit cards along with checking and savings accounts to handle their money, often as part of either a bank or a credit union of some sort. If you really would like to register with a bank, either online or physical, in order to better manage your money, there are a whole lot of choices you can mull over and decide on as to what bank you want to enroll with. Perhaps you are considering a bank that won’t bog you down with sinister hidden fees. If this sounds like you, we are here to help. Consider Bluebird as your primary banker. In this article we will be showing you how to access and pay your bills online at It will be a simple two-step process and we hope that this article will serve you well as a guide.

Step 1: Enroll and Login

To begin this process, we will be guiding you through the process of registering online at Bluebird’s website. Registering an account will allow you the simplicity and convenience of being able to manage your bank balances from the comfort of either your home or office, or even on the go with a smartphone application. First, open your preferred web browser and navigate to When you get to the home page, click the button in the middle which says “Register Now”.


On the next page you’ll be taken to a page with several text boxes which you will need to fill out in order to proceed. Continue along on the next few pages and answer any further questions. You will create a unique username and password during the process. When the process is completed and your account has been fully confirmed, you can then log in. Return to the home page and find a button that says “Log In”. Click it and enter your username and password that you created during the signup process.


Next we will show you how to pay your bill online.

Step 2: Paying Bluebird Bill

Now that you have logged into the members section of, you are now able to pay your bills. You can pay practically any kind of bill using Bluebird, whether it’s a phone bill, Internet bill, or something similar.

There are many ways to pay your bills with Bluebird, whether it’s online on their website, or even through their smartphone app.

For the sake of this article, we will go through the website.

First, log into your account as outlined in the previous step.

Next, find a button or link which says “Bill Pay”. Enter the appropiate info, including what particular bill you are paying the amount of the bill you’d like to pay (if not the full amount), and click Pay.

You will then be shown a confirmation screen showing that your bill has been paid, or the specific amount if not in full. Happy banking!

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