BB&T Mortgage Payment Methods

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With over 180 billion dollars in assets spread across the United States, BB&T, also known as Branch Banking & Trust, is one of the largest loan and mortgage servicing organizations in the country. And  although BB&T is not necessarily a common household name like those of the larger financial organizations like Wells Fargo, Chase Bank or Bank of America, but that by  no means should be an implication that Branch Banking & Trust is a small or isolated service. In fact, these BB&T physical locations can be found in a dozen states where they operate their over 1,800 money management centers.

If you would like to learn more about BB&T and some of the services they offer, you should get in touch with their customer service team. To get in touch with them, you can either visit one of their branches,  send them a message by logging in to the website, or give them a call using their customer service number. All of these methods also pertain to making a mortgage payment through BB&T and they will each be elaborated on shortly.

Option 1: Pay through the Mail

To make a payment through the mail,  you will  need to get a check or money order made out to BB&T and write your  account number on the payment itself. Send the payment to the following address:

BB&T Mortgage Payment Center
PO  Box 580022
Charlotte, NC 28258-0022

Option 2: Make a BB&T Bill Payment over the Phone

To make a payment on your BB&T mortgage bill over the phone,  you will have to call the company’s customer service line  by dialing (888) 228-6654. When calling, make sure to have your  account  number available. More through this Online banking tour

Option  3: Online Payments for BB&T Mortgage

To make a payment online for a mortgage that you have through Branch Banking & Trust, you will first have to go to the Enroll in Online Banking web page where you will want to click the “Enroll Now” button in the Personal Clients section.


From there, you will  have to go through various pages of forms, which will ultimately  lead to you having an online account, which includes your user name and password, which you will use in the following steps for the log  in process.

  1. Navigate to the web address
  2. Enter your user ID in the field labeled as such near the right side of the page
  3. Click the “LOGON” button

BBandT Mortgage Payment Login

  1. Enter your password when prompted
  2. Go to the account payments section
  3. Enter your payment amount and billing details
  4. Submit your payment

Some Helpful Links

BB&T Bank
Phone: (336) 733-3300
cash, check, credit card, invoice
110 S Stratford Rd
Winston Salem, NC 27104

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