How to Pay Your Barclaycard Bill

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Barclay is a multinational financial and banking group with its roots in London, which is where its base of operations is. Although London based, Barclay is a colossal bank which has spread wide in the world market to become the seventh largest bank around. The Barclay Card is a credit card that Barclay has been issuing since the late 60’s.

How to Pay Your BarclayCard Bill Online

The first step in getting to pay your BarclayCard Bill is to find your way to the proper website for your country, as Barclay is a large international bank it has several different websites that are specific to regions of the world. If you go to the Primary Barclay Website for the first time, you should be given a popup if the website detects you are visiting from out of country and offer you an option to redirect to your own regional website. If that does not work, then the website also has a convenient list of Barclay Websites By Country. Once you have found your proper Barclay website, you should bookmark it in your browser for future use.

Once you are on the proper website, logging in should be as easy as:

  • Find the Login box on the right side of the main page:
  • Enter your Username
  • Ensure that Remember me is checked to save time in the future
  • Click Login
  • Enter your password
  • Navigate to the “Make a Payment” page
  • If you have not yet added an account that you are paying from then you will need to enter in the information for the account that you would like to make the transfer from
  • Enter the amount you are paying
  • Submit the payment
  • Verify and confirm that the information is correct before accepting one more time. login page

    Barclaycard us Login Pge Guide

If you do not already have an account to sign in with, below the login section is a section for new card members to sign up for an online account. You will need to select this and go through the process of creating and activating an online account if you wish to participate in online banking, but there are alternatives.

Send in Bills by Phone or Mail

As with finding the proper website, paying by phone or mail can require a little bit of looking for the correct information, which is all located on Barclay’s Contact Us Page. For any United States readers, the number to phone-in at is 1-302-255-8990.

And the address for United States residents to mail in their bills is below, include your account number with the cash or check.

Barclays Bank

Helpful Links

barclaycard US
Phone: 302-255-8990
Fax: 1-866-823-8178
cash, check, credit card, invoice

100 S. West Street
Wilmington, DE 19801

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