Bank of the West Online Account Creation and Login Instructions

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About Bank of the West

As the name of this financial institution implies, Bank of the West was founded on the west coast of the United States – more specifically, it was first created in San Jose as a bank that operated under the business name of Farmers National Gold Bank of San Jose, California. And, with it first going by that name, Bank of the West is actually one of the oldest banks that is available to use in California.

Those of you who are accountholders with Bank of the West who want to or those who would like to create an account can easily complete either one of both of these actions through the Bank’s website, which is linked to below.

Enroll for Bank of the West Online Access

If you have yet to do so, you will need to go through the Bank of the West Enroll in Online Banking forms to set up your login credentials and be granted access to your bank account over the internet. Another way you can get to the enrollment page is by going to and clicking the “Enroll” link found underneath the “Online Banking” box at the left of the screen.

Bank of the West Account Login

To complete your account creation, you will need to choose the type of account that you have with Bank of the West by clicking the corresponding button on the page. After your selection, you will be taken to forms that you will have to fill out to completion. With all the forms complete, you will be able to do your banking online by logging in as described in the next section.

Log In To Your Bank of the West Account

After going through the account registration process for Bank of the West as described in the previous section, you will then have created the proper login credentials with which you will be able to sign in to your bank account online. To do this, go to the web address of and click the “Sign In” button at the left of the screen – it can be found near the top in the box with the label “ONLINE BANKING.” After following that link, you will be taken to an area where you are asked to enter your account user name and password as you created them earlier. Finally, click the “SUBMIT” button and you will be able to access your account hand handle many of your banking needs online.

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