Ordering New Checks from Bank of America

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One of the biggest financial institutions in the world, Bank of America provides checking accounts that can be accessed via written checks (And it would be really odd if they didn’t, right?). If you are a BofA account holder and need to order some new checks, they make the process relatively easy – continue reading to find out how to do so online or get help if needed.

Order Checks Online

To order some new Bank of America checks through your online account, you will need to sign in to the bank’s website. If you need to sign up for online banking with Bank of America, go to their online enrollment area and fill out the forms as required. Once logged in to your account, click the Help & Support tab on the top menu bar. On the following page, click the link that says “Order checks/Review status of an order.” From there, click the “Get started” button and simply follow the on screen instructions to prepare your new checks and have them delivered to you.

Bank of America ordering checks FAQ page.

Still Have Questions? Go Straight to the Source

For more information about ordering or reordering checks from Bank of America, head over to their Check Orders FAQ page by pointing your browser to the web address of bankofamerica.com/checks. At that page, Bank of America answers a number of questions regarding ordering checks from them.

But, if you still need assistance, you should get in touch with Bank of America to discuss any further inquiries you might have. To find out how to best contact BofA, head over to their Contact Us page. Once this Contact Us area loads, make sure that your state is mentioned in the top-right portion of the page – it should say something like “Information for State” with “State” being wherever you reside. If it says something other than the state that you live in, click the “Change State” link next to it and then select yours from the dropdown box before clicking the “Go” button.

Bank of America Customer Service Contact Options

With your location properly set, click the dropdown box that says “Select one…” and then click on the “Checking and savings” option. After making this selection, click the “Go” button next to the dropdown menu. The next page that loads will contain a number of different ways that you can choose from to get in contact with Bank of America customer service regarding your checking account and ordering new checks.

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