American Strategic Insurance Payment Methods

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ASI (American Strategic Insurance) offers insurance products for property owners and renters. Customers of ASI have a few options available to them when it comes to making a payment on their accounts, which can be read about below.

Option 1: Pay American Strategic Insurance Bill Online

To pay your bill online, you will have to head to the American Strategic Insurance bill pay at:  site to log in and submit your payment. After logging in with your email address and password*, you will then go to where the dashboard displays your premium and then choose to make a your payment online. From there, the site offers easy-to-follow instructions on how to complete the transaction.

american strategic insurance login

*If you’ve yet to create a login for your ASI account, fill out the forms at the company’s registration page.

Option 2: ASI Payments through the Mail

To the people out there who would prefer to pay the bill of an insurance account with American Strategic Insurance, that option is available just as it is with many other companies who offer insurance products. To send out your payment through the mail on your ASI premium, you need to get written or printed a cashier’s check, money order or personal check and have it made out the American Strategic Insurance. Write your insurance account number somewhere on the face of the payment, then put it in a stamped envelope and send it to the following address:


If you need to send your payment overnight, prepare the payment as mentioned before and mail it to this address instead:


Option 3: American Strategic Insurance Bill Payment by Phone

For those of you who have an account through American Strategic Insurance and would prefer to make a payment on toward your insurance premium with the company by calling them over the phone, you will be able to do that by calling the toll free number for ASI at (866) 274-8765. However, you can actually find a better number to call where you will speak directly to your insurance agent through ASI if you would prefer to deal with them. This number can be found by logging in your policyholder account in the manner described in the online payment section above, or you can get the number from your policy declaration page where it will be printed at the top of the page.

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