America First Credit Union Online Banking

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With its main offices in Riverdale, UT, America First Credit Union offers its customers numerous options for personal, business and investment banking. While all of these services are available through any of the credit union’s branches, which you can find by using their branch / ATM locator, it is much more convenient for many of their customers to simply use the online features available through

Apply for Membership at America First Credit Union

Unlike a number of other financial institutions, those looking to join America First Credit Union do not actually have to go to a physical location to set up an account. You can sign up for membership through the credit union by going to their online application. Before you can actually go through the sign up process, though, you will have to prove that you are eligible to be a member of the credit union on the Qualification step of the form. The qualifications are rather simple and primarily include that the person looking to create an account with the credit union live in specific regions of the United States, mostly involving various counties and towns in the states of Utah and Nevada.

After your qualification status has been determined, you will then go through the rest of the account creation process, which will include things like inputting your personal information, setting up what type of accounts you want to use and more. Through the membership application, you will also receive and create the details required to sign in to online banking, including account number and the password that you will use to sign on to the America First website.

Online Banking with America First Credit Union

After you have signed up for your account either online through one of the credit union’s branches, you will be able to access your credit union account information online. You can access the login page by following the “ONLINE BANKING LOGIN” link on the right side of the display on most pages at or by going straight to the login page.

America First Credit Union Online Login

Once there, enter your account number with America First and click the “Login” button, then enter your security information like password. Once you are online in your account, you will be able to transfer money to and from your various America First accounts, sign up for new services, pay bills to debtors who allow bank to account transactions and more.

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