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By 0 No tags Permalink 0 is a holding company assisting many power and energy companies across the United States. They offer many services including scam prevention, assistance with power outages and gas leaks, and generally helping companies save money and energy.

Their online account center makes it very simple for their clients to pay their bills online from the comfort of their offices.

This article will be focused on helping you learn how to log into Ameren’s account center, and then showing you how to pay your monthly bill. This will be capped off with some additional information and links.

Registering For An Online Account

To make an account on, first go to and follow the below instructions:

  • Click the “Register” link in the box to the left of the home page. Here’s an example:
    register link
  • Select whether you are signing up as a resident, business, customer business partner, or property manager
  • Enter your information, including first and last name, email address, and email address confirmation
  • Create your unique UserID and Password. Remember this as you will need it later.
  • Select a security question
  • Enter an answer for the security question
  • Decide whether you want to receive information in your email inbox
  • Check the two boxes saying that you accept the terms and conditions and privacy statements
  • Click the “Continue” button at the very bottom of the page
  • Follow any further instructions given to you by the website.
    creat user

Logging Into

Now that your account is created and ready to use, you can log into the online account center. To get started there, return to and follow the instructions:

  • Emter your unique UserID created during registration in the first text box
  • Enter your unique Password created during registration in the next text box
  • Click the “Log In” button underneath the text boxes
  • If you want the site to remember your info, for example if you are using a private computer, check the “Remember Me” box.
  • Follow any further instructions given by the website.
    login Ameren

Paying Your Bill

Now we will focus on how you can easily pay your bill on a monthly basis. To get started on this process, return once again to Ameren’s website. Once there, click “Pay Online Bill Now” and follow the below instructions:

  • If logging in, click “Pay Now” at the bottom of “Online with Login” section
  • If paying with debit or credit card, click “Pay Now” at the bottom of “Online With Credit/Debit Card”. Mind that this will incur a minor convenience fee of $2.75.
  • If paying by phone, call 1-888-777-3108 in Illinois or 1-866-268-3729 in Missouri.

Additional Information

  • Customer Care Illinois Phone Residential: 1-800-755-5000
  • Customer Care Missouri Phone Residential: 1-866-552-7583
  • Customer Care Illinois Business: 1-800-232-2477
  • Customer Care Missouri Business: 1-800-552-7583
  • Illinois Payment Mailing Address:
    Ameren Illinois
    PO Box 88034
    Chicago, IL 60680-1034
  • Missouri Payment Mail Address:
    Ameren Missouri
    PO Box 88068
    Chicago, IL 60680-1068

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