How To Access AMC Workbrain

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It’s come to that time of year where the biggest, most-anticipated films are being released in movie theaters. The annual summer blockbusters tend to bring in big business for the film industry, and moviegoers are often all too eager to spend their money on films that they have been waiting to see for several years.

Whether it’s an action-packed superhero film, a suspenseful crime thriller, or a tear-jerking romantic drama, there’s always something for everyone at the local movie theater. Throughout the world, there are many companies who own and operate movie theater franchises. Just like at a baseball stadium, they sell tickets and offer refreshments at concessions. AMC is one of the more well-known movie theater franchises in the United States.

Every year, AMC rakes in millions of dollars from ticket and concession sales, thanks largely in part to their employees. For their employees’ benefit, AMC offers an online Intranet service known as Workbrain. In this article, we are going to show you how you can log into and access the Workbrain service.

It will be a simple two-step process, and we promise to be as clear and complete as possible in our explanation. We will begin by showing you where to go and how to apply for a career at AMC theaters.

Step 2: Apply For AMC Career

As Workbrain is an employee-only AMC Intranet service, you will first need to apply for and start a career with AMC by working at your local theater. Working at a movie theater can be a fun and enriching experience with a flexible schedule. This is a simple process, and this section is all about explaining it step by step. To get started, you will want to open your preferred web browser and navigate to On this home page, look towards the top-right corner for “Work At AMC” link, and click it.

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work link

You will be taken to another page where you will have a choice of what kind of career you are looking for, be it part of the crew, management, or even a big-time corporate gig. For the purposes of this article, we’re going to go with Theatre Crew, so click that.

Theatre Crew

On the next page, you’ll have even more choices. Running a movie theater takes a village, and there’s surely to be a position that fits your skill set. Pick something that suits you and continue to follow any further instructions to complete your application. Hopefully you receive a call back and start soon enough. Next step will talk about accessing the AMC Workbrain intranet service.

positionsStep 2: Accessing Workbrain

Now that you have begun your new career at AMC Theaters, you likely may have been given a unique username and password with which you can access the AMC section of the Workbrain employee site. So open your browser and go to On this page, you will need to enter the Username and Password you were given when you started your career. If everything is correct, you should be all set! We hope this has been an informative and helpful guide for you.

positions amc.workbrain


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