American Eagle Outfitters Store Credit Card Payment Methods

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American Eagle is a clothing store that is most well-known for its casual clothing as well as its various lines of jeans. They offer a store credit card that can be used to make purchases and, if you have one, you can make a payment on your account by following the directions below.

Make an American Eagle Store Credit Card Payment Online

When first going to the pay bill login page, you will need to create a login profile that is linked to your credit card account. This can be done by clicking the “Register Here” link underneath the sign in area. On the registration form, you will be asked for information like your American Eagle store credit card account number as well as choose various security options for the account itself. During this time, you will also set up your user ID and password.

American Eagle Credit Card Online Account Register and Login

With your online access created along with your login credentials, head back to the link posted at the beginning of the previous paragraph and enter your user ID and continue through the Sign In process. Once logged in, go to the bill payment section and follow the rest of the instructions to complete your bill payment transaction.

Pay American Eagle Credit Card Balance through the Mail

If you would like to make a payment toward your account balance on an American Eagle Outfitters store credit card, you may do so by preparing a cashier’s check, a personal check or a money order to send to Synchrony Financial. To prepare one of these, and after you have noted how much the check or money order will be worth, you will need to write your American Eagle Outfitters store credit card account number on the payment itself. Make the payment out to “American Eagle Outfitters.”

Once you have the check or money order ready to send out, mail it to the following address:

American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle Outfitters contact us page

Option 3: American Eagle Outfitters Store Credit Card Payments over the Phone

To pay the bill on an American Eagle Outfitters store credit over the phone, you can reach the card management number for it through Synchrony Financial through the phone number (800) 843-0875. When you decide to make your payment using this method, you will have to have your account number readily available to provide through the system, which will help to ensure that Synchrony Financial correctly associates whatever payment you make to your actual account.

To ensure that your account is credited with payment on time, you should pay your American Eagle store credit card account a day before it is actually due as processing can sometimes take a full day.


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