How To Redeem A Fandango Rewards Card

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Everybody loves a good movie every now and then. Movies have become both a favorite pasttime of the citizens of the world and a profitable business. A lot of people have various preferences when it comes to their favorite genre or type of film, while others will simply watch whatever looks good on any given week. There’s almost always a wide variety of films to see. Some moviegoers love high-octane action or a suspenseful thriller, while others prefer an epic romantic drama or a side-splitting comedy. With Summer approaching, so do the yearly epic blockbusters people have come to know and love from their favorite directors and producers. People require tickets in order to watch these movies, and there are various ways to purchase a ticket. The most common way is to simply buy one from the box office in front of the theater, but for everyone else, there’s a website called Fandango is a service that offers people the chance to purchase their tickets from the comfort of their homes. Also, like most other online retailers, Fandango offers a rewards program. In this article, we will teach you how to redeem a Fandango rewards code online on the website

Step 1: Sign Up To FandangoVIP

FandangoVIP is a free program offered by Fandango that allows customers access to various perks to avoid the hassle that can occur when it comes to buying tickets or even making it into the theater on release night of the biggest and most anticipated films. It also offers insider perks such as free screenings and sweepstakes. Finally, FandangoVIP offers you the chance to acquire loyalty points which you can redeem for various rewards through the Fandango Rewards Program. Signing up for the program is quick, easy, and best of all, free. To begin, open your favorite web browser and go to From there, click the link in the very top-right of the page that says “Join FandangoVIP”. You will then be taken to a page where you will fill out a few simple information boxes. You’ll receive a confirmation email that contains a link you will need to click in order to confirm your account. If you already possess a Fandango account, it will instantly be upgraded to a VIP account with no charge. Afterwards, you can return to the website and log in using your email address and password.

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Step 2: Redeeming Rewards

FandangoVIP offers a loyalty program that allows you to redeem points for various rewards through Fandango’s affiliates. There are three different choices for rewards: Movie, Lifestyle, and Digital. Some of Fandango’s affiliates include Subway, Amazon, and Hollywood Video. Navigate your web browser to When you get to that page. simply enter the correct information into the provided information boxes and click “Continue”. You will need either your reward code or card number, so it’s imperative that you have this information handy and easy to access. From there, follow any further instructions to complete your reward redemption and enjoy!

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