Using Your Ace Elite Card

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Ace as a business is mostly a Loan dealer, but recently they’have expanded out to grant prepaid debit cards which allow you get fast and easy access to your money when you need it.

Setting Up Your Ace Elite Card

Go to this Elite Card login page:

For those who have yet to get a card to Activate:
have yet to get a card to Activate

After receiving a card you need to activating it by going to the above application link and enter the card number and CVC2 number in the indicated boxes on the lower right corner of the image pictured above.

Loading Your Ace Elite Card

Now that your card is Activated, you should go to this link and click “Add Money”, then select your payment type.

Find Reload Centers

  • Find Reload Centers will require you to take your activated card to a reload center that you may use to load your card.
  • It’s as easy as going to any of the locations near where you live (By entering your ZIP, State and City you will find these stores), and while you are speaking with the cashier you can request to add money to you Ace Elite Card.
  • This is convenient for people who go out to shop often enough that they can keep their Ace Elite Card as stocked as they need it to be.
  • While looking at the map, take time to remember the most convenient stores so you can work them into your schedule, especially stores that you already shop at as you can load your card while you do your regular shopping. account authenticate.m#

Activate a Reload Pack

  • The other main method of loading an Ace Elite Card is through Reload Packs which are bought in many of the same stores as you would normally be able to load your card with the cashier.
  • A great method for gifts to Ace Elite Card holding friends. In most stores you can load any amount of money onto the “Reload Pack”, and then use it either for yourself or give it to a friend.
  • You can Activate your reload pack in two different ways, the first of which is online by going to the Packet Load Page and entering the Ace Elite Card Number of the card you want to add the money to, and then the Reload Number which you can reveal by scratching off a line on the back of the Reload Pack card.
  • You can also activate a reload pack by calling 1-866-387-7363 and following the automated prompts.
    Pick your method

Direct Deposit

While not an option listed in the drop down bar, Ace Elite cards to accept direct deposits, although those are more difficult to help guide you through without knowing your employer or where you wish to have your direct deposit payments paid from. Usually this can be resolved by talking to your Human Resources Department at your workplace and they can help you set up your direct deposit so that your paychecks will automatically go to your Ace Elite card on every payday.

If you want more help learning how to set up a direct deposit, then this is a very helpful and fast YouTube Video can help you learn and understand all the steps of that process.

Checking Your Ace Elite Card Balance

By going to the Ace Elite Card Homepage you will be able to enter your usename and password for your online account. Once you are logged in you can then check your current balance by looking at your account details.

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