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Ace Cash Express is a payday loan servicer which has many locations throughout the country. For the most part, the majority of people who receive loans from the kind of company that Ace Express Cash is are doing so because they feel that they are in a financial situation they will not be able to pull themselves out of. Ace Cash Express also offers access to a couple of other types of loans as well for those who have different kinds of assets that can be put down as collateral.

Along with payday loans, which are loans that are given to customers under a contract that says that the recipient of the loan has to pay back the amount of the loan in full plus any accrued interest, additional loan types include installment loans and title loans. Other items available to Ace Cash Express are prepaid debit cards and auto insurance.

A Note about Payday Loans

Although we do understand that the promise of cash that comes without really having to do much at all (other than to take a trip to an actual Ace Cash Express to sign up for the loan), these kinds of contracts are designed to build as much income as possible for Ace Cash Express. However, some payday loans will offer a way to pay back the loan without accruing any interest if the loan is paid in the full amount within a specified time frame.

In any case, payday loans are a bad idea to get yourself into. Even Ace Cash Express has had action taken against them for putting payday loan recipients into a perpetual cycle of debt. If you believe a payday loan is something you might need at some point, make sure it is truly your final option as the interest rate on payday loans are the highest you will ever experience.

Accessing Your Loan Information Online

If you would like to sign in to your payday loan account with Ace Cash Express, head to (If you would like to sign in for title loans, prepaid debit cards, installment loans or automobile insurance, go to and click the dropdown box at the top right of the screen and select your account type, then click the Log In button).

Ace Cash Express Login

Then, all you have to do is enter your email address and password as you had created during a previous loan from Ace Cash Express to login and handle your account online with them.


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