Bill Payment and Money Services at 7-Eleven

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While the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions 7-Eleven is often massive sodas, candy and a pretty large selection of questionable hot foods like taquitos and hot dogs, a lot of people are starting to see the convenience store chain as something much more useful: A place to handle many of their money dealings. From bill payment and money orders to prepaid cards of all sorts, 7-Eleven is one of the most reliable places to get important things taken care of quick and correctly.

Even if you have been a regular 7-Eleven customer for years, we are sure that there is something in the following list of available financial services that you will find to be news to you:

Pay Bills at 7-Eleven

Payment Services At 7-ElevenOne of the widest scopes offered by the large ATM found in some corner of practically all 7-Eleven stores
is the bill payment services available. What we mean by this is the fact that practically no matter where you live in the country, you will be able to pay that region’s utility bills from these chain convenience stores. This means being able to come in, enter your account information and making a payment on your electricity, water, gas, sewage and any other municipal payments you might need to cover. Additionally, the majority of cable and internet companies have struck up deals with 7-Elevens to allow those bills to be paid in one of these stores as well, which means you could theoretically pay every single one of your monthly bills at the same place you go to smother a bag of chips in deliciously hot nacho cheese sauce and chili.

Additionally, certain local banks have teamed up with their local 7-Elevens to offer more intuitive banking services from the massive ATMs found in the stores, allowing you to transfer funds from various accounts as well as set up some of your credit card and banking services bill payments as well.

Money Orders at 7-Eleven

Whether you need to send one off to pay a bill when you don’t have access to checks or you need to submit one as a security deposit or down payment, there are many different reasons that you might need to get a money order made out. For most people, this means heading to the nearest bank that they might be a member of and waiting in an atrociously long line to have one printed out. However, these people also find themselves at a loss when it comes to getting a money order created after normal business hours, which for banks means being closed whenever people seem to actually have any free time. And that’s where 7-Eleven comes in to save the day – just like how these shops are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, money orders are available along the same schedule.

Cash a Check at 7-Eleven

Cash ServicesSo while it should be really obvious that the Vcom kiosk (which we have simply been and will continue to refer to as ATMs through the beginning and rest of this article) also acts as a proper ATM wherein you can enter a debit or credit card, punch in your pin and request some available cash from whatever account you are trying to pull it from, these machines also offer another way that you can get cash that you might not have considered: check cashing. Yeah, you are imagining that correctly – you can take a check that was either written out from a friend, family member or yourself and use the ATM to cash it right on the spot.

Likewise, you can take any of the printed out checks that you have received from working or a government program and cash them on the spot at any 7-Eleven with one of these robust ATMs installed.

Additional Payment Services

Along with the aforementioned money orders, there are a handful of less popular payment systems available to take advantage of in a 7-Eleven, which become more and more convenient depending on why you might need access to them. The additional payment services available from the convenience stores include:

Depending on your specific money needs, there are different reasons that you might want to purchase these different cards – all of which will help you achieve whatever result  you need that much quicker.

Prepaid Credit and Debit Cards

Along with everything else offered in regards to financial services at 7-Eleven stores, they provide access to a huge range of prepaid cards that can be used for all manner of online bill payment, shopping and more. These are particularly helpful to those who, for whatever reason, do not have access to a regular bank account.

When combined with the check cashing services, these prepaid cards can be a life saver and, for all intents and purposes, truly act like a bank account for many of life’s bill payment needs. “Oh, thank heaven” indeed.

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