Bron: StartupNl.nl 12 februari 2015

VVD takes another step to strengthen the Dutch startup climate by creating more room for crowdfunding (measure number 1 on Agenda StartupNL).

At this moment about 80% of all investments comes from banks. However, this is changing as we speak. The future of investment financing will be all about the combining and stacking of different forms of financing. New forms of funding such as crowdfunding will take (at least partly) the place of the old. The VVD believes that we shouldn’t fear this development. On the contrary, we should embrace it! These innovative forms offer new and exciting possibilities for initiatives and startups to attain the funding they so desperately need!

This is why we believe that all barriers that are currently holding back these new forms of investments should be dropped. In addition, all future problems that should arise with these new kinds of funding should quickly be resolved.

At the VVD’s request the current investment limits of € 20,000 and € 40,000 will be dropped as of January 1, 2016. These limits were holding back the growth of crowdfunding.

The VVD also wants other barriers resolved. For example, the current prohibition of investment firms to receive a provision from startups or initiatives that use their services to attain investments shouldn’t be applied to crowdfunding. Another example is the current qualification of crowdfunding platforms as ‘betaaldienst’ by the AFM. This qualification creates problems, because a ‘betaaldienst’ needs to acquire a licence from the DNB. At the VVD’s request both these problems are being assessed and the outcomes will be presented next March.

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